kHo Webdesign is now offering a new service: Online Management of third-party websites. That includes your Online Business Listings as well as websites such as,,, et al. Please go here for a more detailed description.

The most important part of having a successful online business image is to make your page stand out in such a way that you get repeat customers.  The more "hits" you get, the more word of mouth advertisement you get, and as we all know, More People means More Money! My aim is to get you as many viewers as possible by not only providing them with the information they need but with an interactive, easy-to-use, and aesthetically pleasing website.
Logo design is an important part of having a successful business image, both online and off.  It's important to have an easily recognizable and unique logo.
Graphic design is a form of visual communication. Various methods are used to create and combine words, symbols, and images to creat a visual representation of ideas and messages. These can be used on websites, business cards, flyers, emails, banners, and billboards.
Print materials include everything from letterhead, business cards, banners, flyers, newsprint ads, pamphlets, and more.
If your aim is to communicate to and with your clients, you may want a blog or a forum, depending on your needs. These are great ways to establish a back-and-forth dialogue with your clients online.
If you are selling products online, this is what you need, an online store. A place which your customer can safely and securely purchase the items they need right from your website. Even if you have a physical location, it's a great idea to expand your store into the online forum.
Product photography is essential if you are selling products through your website, or if you just want to showcase whatever it is that your website is representing. I am available to photograph your products at a minimal fee that will be folded in to your price quote. If you don't require any of my other services, I am available for stand alone photography projects as well.
Updates and ongoing maintenance can be offered on a case by case basis at our hourly rate or a weekly or monthly basis. The hourly rate is $60 an hour, but if you anticipate the need for frequent and consistant updates or changes a monthly or weekly payment plan may be arranged to best suit your needs.
There may be a cause for minor, or major, training involved in the process of getting your website to fit your needs, such as in the case of shopping carts or blogs. Written tutorials will be included with the price of the plan and handson training will be provided upon request at the hourly rate of $60 an hour.
At this time we do not offer web hosting plans or domain name registration through our site. As such, all quotes do not include the cost of hosting. Please read here for how we facilitate your hosting and domain name registration needs.